Free Dumb

by Fast Food Generation

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Which feeling is better than freedom? No matter the perspective that you'll adopt, you'll probably ask yourself [ can i live ? ] Judge & see for yourself who really wants to have their [ liberty ] taken away from them. No matter how much this [ crazy world ] can take from you, remember that you are a [ product of this environment ] . Believe that [ by any means ] necessary, we can all succeed at this quest. This is our dream, [ so we just run ] ; the direct karma of this [ addiction ] got us feeling like crackheads hoping for a new high so might we ask you [ whatchagondo? ] Until then let's keep our heads in the sky, put our hands together, recite prayers just to get [ spaced out ] & hope for [ better days ] & change to come.


released November 30, 2012

Aside from tracks with guests appearances;

All tracks were written, produced, recorded & mixed by Fast Food Generation.

Much love: Xentrik, Seb G. (Urbanocrates), Green Hypnotic & .Nox for appearing on this project.

Major thank you to Thien Vo for his dedication as an activist; you are a true inspiration & merci for letting us showcase your photos on this album.

Most important; everyone that sticked with us throughout the album process & enjoy the irony of waiting for your fast food order to be ready in no time, think again until then thank you all again for fucking with us.


November 30th 2012, we did it, yes.



all rights reserved


Fast Food Generation Montréal, Québec

Fast Food Generation is:

Producer/beatmaker/ Teets-Pancho

Rapper: Mus Vic.

Twitter @MusVic .

The Stakes:
- All of us together.
- Love.
- Peace.
- Unity.
- Food Sharing.

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Track Name: can i live?
Karaoke instructions

Yall should let me live & yall should let me live (x3)

There's much about politics, acknowledge it & I'm just trying to be prolific, proletariat, fuck a profit I can barely see, Barry B. & homeruns, the puppeteers's the Major League.

Fuck them all whenever it's a matter of money, New Era fitted on top, my Montreal mentality, my philosophy work hard & roll this weed, go hard & kill this beat, spit with the homie Teets (like) ear drums & head nods, snap, tapping their feets, show 'em the highway & keep it real with the streets. Bi-win, two in a row, we stay fresh on a streak, get drunk on the strip and staying fresh with sneakers.

Latest trends, don't lay a hand, we're laying back in lane, take it easy, see you later if you're late, zig zag pape, a pen & a page then all I need is one mic plus a blunt & a stage.

All I need is one mic plus a blunt & a stage, I couldn't give a fuck about the fortune & fame, all I'm saying is one love, no struggle, no pain, music is a medicine & the world is insane.

Blowing smoke in the air for all the death homies, they hold me down like ALC & Prodigy ('cause) family's proud of me & I can tell they're a part of me, epidemy, EPMD live & sound from the 90ies.

So sick classic, we used to call it Chronic back then to young to cop it so we used Napster. High on a cockpit & flying with Nasa, one way to Nassau, Bahamas & just lay back. Ray Ban, recap, dark tan, face black, could fade black, fitted cap, cover my eyes, can't fake that. (Go) so hard on life, it's hard to just let it slide, seaside with tons of beats to let me ride.
Track Name: liberty
Karaoke instructions:

I'm on the northside of the city then I'm up in the 'burbs, spoken words, hearing birds & barely going to church, layin' back on the evening while we writting these rhymes, riding board down the hills like we're riding the time. Looking up to the sky is beautiful outside, the joint is roll right like a asian pussy is tight.

We (usually) kept it on the low, no public profile, no limelight, confidential mobile. (We've) seen miles went by, we're on the road & ride, on these Hampton waves or on this Cali vibe, we're fly saying HIGH & then we leave to a goodbye, won't reply where we reside, real feeling alive.

This is the life we chose rather than the life that chose me. If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack maybe you'll me when I'll make it back (we did twist Jay-Z's line)

I keep rolling & rolling & rolling in my car just to see something better in this cold world (x2)

More or less, absolutely want to have more, a good job, a good wife, maybe a good whore ;) & what is really the picture perfect? I defined my imagination purpose. We keep our heads in the clouds, passports in hand & then we're ready to roll out. No place in mind just vibe with the road signs, travel this timeline & fuck this 9 to 5.

You know this place they got us trapped in a cage, we stay stressed in a maze just to embetter our wage, sunny days replace by this grey from the rain & sober self exorcices by this weed that we blazed. Only way to get higher than the dream that we chase, lemon jack & kush, sour diesel & haze. So many problems we face, we can't afford to be faded like the end of a song, they need to hear what we say.

This is the life we chose rather than the life that chose me. If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack maybe you'll me when I'll make it back (we did twist Jay-Z's line)
Track Name: crazy world
Karaoke Instructions:

We live in a crazy world, one of the craziest place, crazy people & it's the craziest chase. Dream catchers & motherfucking liars, stalkers & some really admire. Never get tired & eyes full of fire, prior to being rapper I was meant to be fired (*you're fired*), lazy kid never meant to be hired, just wanna get higher (like) goodbye huh I retire. Rely on people I aid, not feeling the rush, we're just rushing the stage, killing the show & then going away, pleading NOT GUILTY & fuck you to the jury. Middle finger to the law then grip on my balls (allo Jay-Z) not paying the cost we're just playing the clock because time is precious & money is not so we shot the sheriff & ran away from the cops.

Trapped in the system, trapped in society, am I living a dream or it's reality? We don't seem to get any equality so people don't eat while I just run to the McDonald & get my belly full.

I reflect on this life, look for the lights ahead of these lies while I lie in my bed, I'm seeing it live, the ''chance'' to salive while I'm feeling alive (Liberty) but I know a lot of kids don't have the chance that I have so why would I brag for the slightest of cash? I smile for a (camera) flash, know I can share like a pass (*Steve Nash*) assisting the mass & raise a kid like a dad.I can't afford to be selfish when (aka because) the world is bad, I can't afford to get pissed when everybody is mad. It's a mask that we have, emotions for grab, settle be glad, feelings on a pad, personal diary & rhymebook when I typed, write hook to be nice & post it to be liked, we all can push for change, we just have to toss aside any personal gain.

Trapped in the system, trapped in society, am I living a dream or it's reality? We don't seem to get any equality so people don't eat while I just run to the McDonald & get my belly full.
Track Name: product of this environment
Karaoke Instructions:

Have you ever take a walk & just wondered why the hour passed so quick...thunder. Speaker on surround sound, a hot summer & never know what's going on so we just trying to be better. Yellow light turn red like a line go flat, STOP then you drop dead, heads getting bagged & trash getting full, got a hunger for more but mind's getting fooled. But it's the environment, empire ends where it begins, I mean never then & it's evident that evidences are fucking imminent but they kill a men to build a plan to steal from the lands. Zooming when I ride so I know I aim for peace whenever I drive-by (say it that way), whatever we just keeping our heads up like a national anthem.

Everyday of my life, I gotta spit through the microphone because the show must go on.

***gimme a New York minue***

How many hustlers lived to see a dream but (they were) not old enough when their time was coming? In a city filled with million people, concrete jungle, choose your hustle. Business mans, suits & ties, buskers, police & taxi drivers, take a peek real quick where them masses walk & sellers do talk just to get their cash up. Men we're just trying to survivre, tourist of a flight, tryna Square with the Time, *snapped(shots)* & I just smile for a second, all of the lights & beautiful colors. They got us shook'd like a kid, big city of dreams where most we're naive, cheers for the Knicks & the Yankees, stress by the streets by gotta live to be free.

Everyday of my life, I gotta spit through the microphone because the show must go on.
Track Name: featuring Xentrik & Green Hypnotic - by any means
Karaoke Instructions:

- Mus Vic -
Armored trucks & Hummer's fuck, some are aiming for a homicide, robbery, you're out of luck, somebody getting caught inside & cut inside, never (was) scared of going hard up in this paint, no risk, no gain so what's the game? No shame & no name, you know he's insane, easy to say not to a dream, you want this million ($) today, two days is too long, tomorrow's not promess, tuning in & getting shot while the loading's in progress. (**Gunshot now WHAT?**) Then fuck a bitch from the club is the only thing we wanna do that's why we're spreading the love, living fast like a bolt, Usain lightning quick, Huge Effner, role model, full time lifting legs. Food for thoughts to a motherfucking fucked up mind, they want the top top on top of now stopping the time, define the thin line between to live & to die then L.A. riots or L.A., what, chilling with 'Pac, kicking rhymes in the park, you stop then you park then parralel that motherfucker, make that noise in the dark, (they creeping) 'cause when them clouds arrives sit in front of your porch, spend time to reminisc but that's life after you mourn.

Les gars rêvent d'être des rap stars la tête dans les nuages, pour ma part, j'écris encore sur des centaines de pages que ma vie quotidienne est tellement ordinaire entre la job et la musique, j'ai pas le salaire de Federer. J'ai rien d'un cool dude apart quand je m'élance sur Pro Tools combien définissent le talent par le nombre de views YouTube? Moi pis mes gars, on préfère le smooth groove, ''where's the love?'' Fergie fait moi signe si un jour tu le trouves. Condamné à l'underground, j'tavoue que je peux faire avec combien de mes textes incompris laissent les plus fûtés perplexes?Je fais pas du rap d'adolescent mais je reste ALAIZ j'adore la chaleur des régions commes les Montréalaises.MC les pieds sur terre, toujours prêt à décoller, les gars se disent flys sans voir leur nom décoller, arrête de te prendre trop au sérieux et souris un peu, avec la musique c'est impossible de finir malheureux...

-Green Hypno-
It's funny how non-believers are quick to become believers when I spitted in the game, these haters couldn't believe it. They told me I was way too clean to rap and a little younging like me couldn't handle the trap. I told them I ain't here to promote drugs & violence, you know the motto, real Gs move in silence. Until they hear the gun shots & the sirens, keep the tough talk for yourself we're not buying it. My life changed when we lost No Game, yall kids shall come down with the gats, yall insane. Unfortunately this game would never change, there's still people killing other people for a quick change. Legal or illegal, we all got our own hustle, all got our own struggle but we have to bust our bubble, to go where we wanna go, nothing's impossible, go ahead and reach your goals, nothing's impossible.

By any means right?
Track Name: we just run
Karaoke Instructions:

I am checking in my job, they're kicking in my door, I'm tryna fuck up my clock, hear the alarm sound then I have to get up, real life stress got me fucked up, stressed up feel like I'll die in this strectcher. Darren Fletcher, REAL representer, I've been there & I've been where my people suffered everywhere & they don't care. Pour the alcohol for those who passed & are gone. Homework's done, see where I'm from, people go & people come, you live once, so we just run.....
Track Name: featuring Urbanocrates - addiction
Karaoke Instructions:

Some people say I have addiction problem 'cause I smoke too much then come & roll another dutch.

Opression & poverty, it's all part of my society, dying to be like you're just proud to be showing off when you get all of this money. From crashing on a couch to crashing up parties, fucking hot bodies to chill with my posse, getting cozy, all peace & friendly, my life book is being me, not fancy. Going hard in the paint like I'm Dikembe, running back home like I'm Ken Griffey with the keys to the city, put my city on the map, back with the aftermath we gotta rep it to the max. High Klassified, you know me like that, if you ask me then we fade to black...I smoke weed, they served crack, they do laws & I do rap. I had love for them & now they hate me back, if you do the math then they got us trapped in place, in a maze, ennemies're gonna keep the pace in our face so we pray for tomorrow & today...pray, pray, so we're praying for peace, smoke, smoke, so we're lighting this weed.


I got hydroponic into the system, legalize it, we have to tell them so we can take it to the park & smoke it before the light turn dark. Control the situation, my clique like a monk in peace, away from all the junk 'cause the baddest criminals don't lay down in a cage, outside dreaming of a world for ages but anyway FUCK THAT, lay back, burn one, it's a weed song 'cause we all know how you feel when you tryna deal with tight situations, sometimes you're against the wall, mo' money, mo' problems, you can't have them all, burn purple kush like downtown Amsterdam.

Track Name: whatchagondo?
Karaoke Instructions:

People wanna go crazy for this money & this salary, chronically getting closer to slavery, sipping Dom Perignon with these important persons, talking imports, exports, ignoring their purpose. Chasing these purses further to make it perfect, perplex on how complex is this concept, cons get put behind bars quite conscious that life is a bitch, this money's quite dangerous. All these policies epidemy & police academy, economy catastrophy, democracy hypocrisy, parle libre une habitude, pas libre mais pas du tout et parmi cette attitude, mais pour qui travaillons-nous? The pyramid is kinda fucked & life is kinda rough, tough enough on the clutch then you clock when your time is up. This mind is all of us and Twist just like Oliver, rolling that Cali herb, pull out the camera in Panama. Chilling by the beach where peace is keep, peace escape estate on this piece of dream so let me sleeeeep.

You gotta be going to work to make dough
now tell me whatchagonna do, whatchagonn do?
Do you follow the mass like a robot ?
Is it whatchawannado whatchawannado?

Where violence's getting spread, I see the blood getting shed, a lot has been said but most of us go to bed. I'm not gonna lie, I slipped & slept on this shit then waking up from the deads to see how sick is this script. With this view from a clip that made me flip then I twisted that my mind's getting big seeing both side of the fence & reminiscing the time, the low life in them low rise, small car was the low ride, fully loaded on the back side. Realize this was the light in their tunnel but there's no end to this rumble, struggle up in the juggle in title to be idol for a whole lot of people & flexing muscles & tussle 'cause working hard is their hustle. Now they start to realize freedom couldn't be buy, they moved to escape but can't escape from this lie. See I pursue living this life, see no matter I try 'cause life's a bitch & then you die, that's why we get high 'cause you never know when you gonna go & one thing's fo' sho', we're all walking on deathrow, let's go...
Track Name: featuring Xentrik - spaced out
Karaoke Instructions:

There is no limit to what a mind can do like rest in peace in a visual where we're lighting these candles in this crual world that would leave us wondering where the fuck is Superman when cops are opressing. I asked a lot of questions, don't get a lot of answers, Allen Iverson is really gone & retire :(. And I am spaced as fuck in a zone of my own, know I can count on my people to protect on my home. See when the system is old how they don't believe in the youth when their version of truth is to be cocky & rude, they want us to be fooled when they're lying in school, increasing the price to leave us in the hood...I guess it's all good, we're misunderstood, trickery game, misery, pain, foolery gain quickly became products of this environment where violence is higher end to their master plan.

Spaced high, reach the top we're never gonna drop.
We're spaced out, sky high, reach the top we're never gonna drop.

Chacun sa bulle, son espace, sa tête, son esprit, l'individualiste me fait croire que tout est fini. Chacun retire son capital de notre Terre commune, pour sa vie, son moment dans un film qui dure depuis des millénaires. Les tendances changent maintenant il y a plus d'enfer et plus de paradis, plus de censure et la communauté s'aggrandit, on marche dans la jungle, c'est la loi de la nature...


Check le phénomène dans le bateau les riches nous mènent, rêvent de nous voir échouer dans un bassin d'envies humaines, argent et politique viennent tâcher notre emblême, JE ME SOUVIENS que l'alzheimer du peuple est devenu un problème. Quand ma jeunesse parle pour faire voir leur IDÉAUX, je vois de moins en moins de liberté quand qu'on me parle des Libéraux, j'ai la fleur de lys sur le coeur, mon carré rouge est bien visible quand la droite et la gauche rende mon Québec divisible. J'ai les idées claires sur mon point de vue référendaire c'est une révolution, le début d'une nouvelle ère, j'ai la santé d'ici, mes poumons ont besoin d'air quand les médias nous diffusent des images remplies de colère. Je suis pas le monopole, je veux un pays au coeur souverrain,je respecte certains grands hommes mais pas tout les politiciens et si un jour mon fils me pose des questions sur la vie, je lui dirais que l'important c'est d'être fier et uni.
Track Name: featuring .nox - better days
Karaoke Instructions (nox didnt send me his lyrics :( ):

(Mus Vic)
Prescription pills...I need a doctor, neighbourhood full of hate, tell me where the love at? Yellow brick road & light's green, yellow turned red & stopped, girl give me the love below. Patience is a key a virtue if you ask me that I don't have, so fill my cup quickly while I'm riding around town up in my Corolla, polluting the air with no serious motive. Brought up with a bunch of a kids where the race is, not a issue, all love, no racist, debating what brought us here, how our parents flee the worst of fears. Got a habit to think the end might be near until a happy birthday gave me years. Real originators, straight from Srok Khmer & we can only dream of success after those nightmares.